Titanium Block

titanium block

Titanium block can be found in a multitude of thicknesses and widths. Other metals are easily cast and formed, but being a reactive metal, titanium needs to be handled in an inert environment. This inert environment is essential because when titanium is exposed to the atmosphere, it will embrittle and damage the metal.

There have been many advances made in tooling to help with fabrication processes like: welding, new torch cups allow for more gas coverage, and new tools, for purging spool assemblies. Machining continues to improve as time goes by. Machine manufactures are constantly building bigger, stronger machines to better work with titanium.


  • 3/8″ up to 8″ thick, forged to size


  • 6-2-42, 6-6-2, Grades 2,5,23


  • Suspension brackets, jawbones, rocket shaft stands, shifters, tools

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GradeThickness x Width x LengthPrice

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.019 x 11.950"$1730.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Eli Grade 232.049 x 3.284"$69.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.079 x 4.600"$1020.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Eli Grade 232.084 x 3.266"$69.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Eli Grade 232.088 x 3.187"$91.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Eli Grade 232.113 x 3.191"$92.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.204 x 5.300"$720.50 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.332 x 8.150"$1015.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.353 x 29.100"$1560.50 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.530 x 36.200"$2140.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 52.572 x 19.600"$2980.50 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Eli Grade 232.574 x 13.600"$810.00 / pc

Titanium Block6-4 Grade 53.603 x 10.000"$2950.00 / pc