Titanium Screws & Fasteners

titanium screws & fasteners

Titanium machine screws are on the smaller side of the fastener scale from #0 to 3/8″ diameter. The most popular styles are hex head, pan head, and flat head as-well-as socket cap screws.

Titanium fasteners are essential in reducing the weight off an assembly. Typically, weight savings in using titanium fasteners is almost half and they are just about as strong as steel, depending on the grade. Fasteners can be found in standard sizes, as well as many custom sizes to fit all applications.


  • #0 up to 3/8 diameter
  • #4 up to 1/2″ and custom fasteners available


  • Grades 2,5
  • 6-4, Grade 2


  • Window screws, small tooling screws, electronic device tools
  • Axles, nuts, bolts, washers