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2.75" Titanium Slip Joint Connector – 1mm/.039" Wall

Price: $54.00

Sku: TN-105-07003-0000

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Ticon Industries 2.75" Titanium Slip Joint Connectors are precision manufactured from our ultra high quality CP1 Grade 1mm/.039" Titanium tube. Our Slip Joint connectors are great to use as a connection point between two tubes in place of a flange and are perfect for providing tension relief within the exhaust system to help mitigate any unnecessary strain on the exhaust system during heat expansion and contraction. Each Slip Joint set comes with one hydraulically pre-swedged and trimmed female receiving tube and short section of straight tubing to act as the male side. Coupled with our Ticon Industries Titanium Spring Tab Kit or Mikalor Band Clamp (both sold separately) you have an effective racing solution that will ensure your Titanium exhaust lasts for years to come. Our slip joint connectors are also great for transitioning from stainless or aluminum to Titanium with ease! *We highly recommend at least one slip per exhaust full exhaust system for tension relief*