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Shogun Cuts 1.75" Tight Radius Pie Cut 5 Pack (45° Total)

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Sku: TN-903-01451-1105

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Shogun Cuts by Jesse James 1.75" Tight Radius Pie Cut (Each package contains 5 pie cuts, which will form a 45° bend.) These 1.75 inch Tight Radius Shogun Cuts by Jesse James offer you greater flexibility in your fabrication and design processes. They are also an excellent way for you to set yourself apart from the crowd.These modular pie cuts interlock for easy mock up and design allowing you to tack together the system as you go. No need for cutting and cleaning each piece just to get it all tacked up and realize it's slightly out of alignment. Each Shogun Cut is investment cast for strength and heat resistance and then precision machined to tight tolerances, insuring the consistency and quality you are accustomed to with the entire line of Ticon Industries manufactured products. Shogun Cuts are then polished to a standard "180" finish on the outside making your "finish work" a breeze. Shogun Cuts feature 4.5° on each side for a total of 9° per pie cut. 5 Shogun Cuts will make a 45° bend Ticon Industries Inc is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Shogun Cuts by Jesse James.