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3" Titanium 45° Mandrel Bend – 1.5D Radius – 1mm/.039" Wall - 4" Leg / 6" Leg

Price: $126.49

Sku: TN-101-07623-1000

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Ticon Industries Titanium 45° Mandrel Bends have a 1mm(.039) wall thickness to work with our 3" (inch) tubing. Bent from our 1mm thin wall commercially pure Grade 1 Titanium you wont find a lighter and higher quality bend on the market. Each mandrel is individually bent, the ends are laser cut and then they are ultrasonically cleaned to provide a ready to weld solution right out of the package. Ticon Industries eliminates the difficulty and potential material waste from attempting to bend your own Titanium tube into mandrels utilizing our own proprietary cnc mandrel bender and custom mandrel dies to provide a perfect bend every time that is both wrinkle and scratch free. Our mandrel bends will drastically reduce the fabrication time needed for producing a full Titanium exhaust system when pie cuts become too time consuming.