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Porsche 991 Turbo Titanium Exhaust Flange

Price: $143.99

Sku: TN-103-21490-2000

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The Ticon Industris Porsche 991 Turbo Exhaust outlet flange has been designed for the enthusiast in mind who wants to drop weight quick from the heavy factory exhaust system. Designed for the grueling high temperatures of endurance and road racing, our flange is unmatched in quality. With an integrated taper from the stock exhaust housing to the 3" stepped lip for precision tube fitment no detail has been overlooked in the design of our flange. Utilizing our beefy CP2 Grade 1/2 Inch thick Titanium Plate you can rest assured that you will have an exhaust that will last! *Fits our 3" 1mm and 1.2mm wall thickness Titanium Tubing and Mandrel bends*