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Titanium Brace Bracket for O2 Sensor Bung - 1.5mm/.059" Thick

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Sku: TN-108-00400-0000

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In racing applications where high stress and vibrations occur for prolonged periods of time and lateral loads are placed on the bung, the weld attached to the thin walled Titanium tubing can eventually fatigue and fail. Ticon Industries Brace Brackets for O2 Sensor Bungs help disperse the load placed on the bung over a larger surface area of the tube to help prevent fatigue of the weld over time. Utilize our Titanium O2 Brace Bracket to take preventative measures and ensure your O2 bungs stay in place even under the harshest conditions. *Works with both Ticon Industries O2 bung sizes, this piece has to be form fit for each individual application dependent on tubing diameter*