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4” Titanium V-Band Assembly (2 Flanges & 1 Clamp)

Price: $217.99

Sku: TN-103-10210-0002

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Ticon Industries 4" Titanium V-band Assembly is the one stop shop for anyone looking to build their own exhaust system. Our high quality Stainless Steel V-Band clamp has been designed to specifically work with our 4" Titanium V-Band flanges so you don't have to hunt for a compatible clamp anywhere else and worry about a cheap, lower quality V-Band clamp failing on you! The 4" V-Band flange and clamp assembly comes with 1 v-band clamp, 1 4" Titanium male flange and 1 4" Titanium female flange. *These flange and clamp assemblies are designed to be used with our Ticon Industries 4" tubing.*